The North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes Partnership has made significant strides in sustaining working lands, conserving natural resources, and facilitating military training in eastern North Carolina.

Notable achievements to date include:

  • Created a trusted partnership with landowners
  • Leveraged $16.8M in funds, including a 2 to 1 REPI match and legislative appropriations of $2M in recurring dollars and $2M in one-time funding
  • Prioritized cost-share programs for landowners under the military footprint
  • Increased the use of local farm and forest products by the military, resulting in $8.3 million in North Carolina-based commissary fresh fruit and vegetable purchases
  • Established new programs and concepts such as an all-service military mission footprint map, and a Working Lands Conservation Trust, and tested innovative conservation concepts to achieve goals at lower costs
  • Streamlined the military agreement process, saving time and costs
  • Ensured the development of compatible renewable energy infrastructure
  • Coordinated state and local programs to provide benefits for military training
  • Increased awareness of resource dollars through landowner outreach programs.

Overall, the Eastern North Carolina Sentinel Landscapes Partnership has achieved a measurable impact in sustaining and enhancing the rural landscapes of eastern North Carolina.