As a landowner or concerned citizen, you have witnessed the rapid population growth in North Carolina and the subsequent transformation of its rural landscape. It is evident that private working lands, encompassing farms and forests, play a crucial role as natural engines that drive the economy. Not only do they provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat, and recreational areas, but they also contribute to groundwater recharge. However, the integrity of our working lands is currently under threat from the pressures of unplanned development.

Forests and farms are vital assets for North Carolina. Our Partner’s Corner introduces three organizations that have supported the development of an online landowner’s dashboard. These organizations recognize the significant role played by landowners in sustaining working land economies, promoting conservation and ecosystem services, and ensuring compatible land use near military installations. Private landowners who manage working forests, farms, ranges, and natural lands contribute to the production of essential resources such as food, fiber, and energy. They also safeguard the quality of soil, air, and water, provide critical wildlife habitat and other ecosystem services, facilitate outdoor recreation, and support military readiness. The connectivity provided by private lands across the landscape is crucial for preserving these valuable services. This site is dedicated to the private landowners and technical professionals who contribute to North Carolina’s landscape management and work towards improving land management approaches now and in the future.

Various voluntary assistance programs provided by federal and state agencies are available to help landowners effectively manage their land in a sustainable manner.